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Monday, October 27, 2003

Daredevil stunt goes awry - National -

What a Jackass!

Daredevil stunt goes awry - National - By Jeff Fleischer

A Sydney daredevil is recovering today after a failed stunt, in which he set himself on fire and drove a mountain bike off a public toilet block at Coral Sea Park in Maroubra.
The 39-year-old man is in stable condition, a Prince of Wales Hospital spokesperson said. He has minor burns from the incident, and will undergo surgery today for a fractured wrist sustained during the stunt.
Officers from Maroubra Police Station witnessed the stunt while on patrol about 7.40 pm on Sunday. They said the man took his mountain bike to the roof of the toilet block, doused himself with petrol from a jerry can, set himself alight and rode across the roof. He then rode off a makeshift wooden plank, intending to land on a pile of mattresses and bags of soft clothing he'd set up about five to six metres from the toilet block.